Game On

17 December, 2008

With another poll showing the Conservative poll lead wilting faster than Eton’s wheezy boy rowing crew in the last 500m, Luke has an entire collection of recent polls which show the British people are less than impressed with the Conservative’s non response to the credit crunch.

My view is that while there may be some scepticism about the effectiveness of Government responses to the economic crises there is a recognition that the government is acting in circumstances which would be difficult for whichever party was in government while the conservative response is in the public mind so feeble as to go totally unnoticed. This is why Brown is leading on economic competence by 11 points and the tories should ditch Osborne.

Game on was also the main message from Jon Cruddas in the podcast he did for the IPPR which also features Labour blogger Rupa Huq, Martin Kettle and some IPPR bods. You can down load it for free here. He thinks that the credit crunch is going to rewrite politics and that the Labour left is going to split from the party. There was also a deeper thread about the authoritarianism of Labour in the last few years particulary post Iraq.

My view is that it is entirely the wrong course of action. Personal liberty is vital to modern social democracy and while there may be an occassional rogue poll that says the public support X measure at Y time. In the longer game it gives the Tories a great stick to beat us with, specific meaures tend not to be the most effective responses to policy problems as well as being inimical to Britain’s tradition of  liberty. So stop it right now.


4 Responses to “Game On”

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  2. The Labour Representation Committee is not about to launch a new party. Nor is John McDonnell going to split from Labour, as Jon Cruddas suggests. The Convention Of The Left was a bridge-building exercise – nothing more. As he would have known had he taken any interest…..I have posted on this extensively elsewhere so just to say that his surmisings are either extremely ill-informed or mischief-making. Possibly both.
    Susan Press, Vice-Chair, LRC

  3. […] this mean they can’t win the next election? Absolutely not as I said before it’s still game on. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)A coalition of the willing – How the Tories are […]

  4. […] December, 2008 David Semple has done a post on Jon Cruddas’s round table which I mentioned earlier as you can see below he was none to pleased with Mr Cruddas: Cruddas moves on to attack the ‘Old […]

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