Dolly Mixtures

19 December, 2008

It was nice to learn from  the Labour Party’s gossip wire that Derek Draper is supposed to be organising Labour bloggers.

The problem is Derek has a past. Most people who have been around the Labour Party will have heard of him. Some will have their own stories about his exploits after all it is the understatement of the century that he has been intimate with all 17 people that matter. If the Labour Party wants to spin the web, fine, indeed it should be but is there any less suited person for the role than Derek Draper? Fred West perhaps… Spinners should never be the story and Mutley much to the chargin of the RSPCA has story written all over him.

But what makes Derek the ideal tool for Tory bloggers to beat Labour bloggers with would make him an excellent blogger in his own right. Opinionated, access to the mainstream media, full of anecdotes make him an ideal blogger. If I drew up a list of people that would in the words of the West Wing get Iain Dale , Staines, Conhome and “bitchslap ’em around the beltway” he would definately be on it . Just don’t tell me what to blog … ever OK.


6 Responses to “Dolly Mixtures”

  1. Derek Draper said

    don’t believe everything you raed. there are some things in development, and you never know, you might like some of them!

  2. Chris Paul said

    Let 1000 flowers bloom. But do give us the hot news to play with Delboy.

  3. […] December, 2008 I may have been harsh before about Derek Draper’s attempts to organise the Labour blogsphere but I’m sure Derek has […]

  4. […] There has already been plenty of media reaction from both traditional sources as well as existing bloggers themselves – as perhaps befits a project with such ambitions. Derek Draper, the brains behind the beast, has in fact had time to publish a rapid rebuttal to initial reactions which you can find here. Meanwhile, the Guardian provided this overview yesterday. Finally, from the world of existing bloggers, Forgesian Thinking had the following to say on the matter whilst Will Parbury a couple of weeks back was unable to resist the temptation to take with one hand as he gave with another. […]

  5. […] rejuvented WillParbury has some advice for DD here after publicly pointing out that he was left off the guest list of the Draper Labour blog summit […]

  6. Chris Paul said

    Fred West would probably post a damn sight less, and stay absolutely on topic if he did.

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