Prescott on the warpath

20 December, 2008

John Prescott wants to hear from you

John Prescott is not a happy guy this morning. A firm Atlas Caravans in his Hull East constituency has gone bust after Barclays withdrew a credit facility of thirty years standing overnight when they had a full order book. Now 340 jobs are gone. All the while the Chief Exec of Barclays is still getting a whopping bonus.

He wants to hear about other stories of the banks restricting lending whether that’s for a overdraft, mortgage or loan. You can contact him on his facebook profile. Yes that’s right JP is on facebook. We shouldn’t forget that this recession is going to hit the workers hardest. It always does but it’s worth checking out David Ottewell’s handy little recession impact map and Dermot Finch is the man with the stats.

UPDATE: JP hits Labourhome’s frontpage


One Response to “Prescott on the warpath”

  1. mike said

    Hello John totally agree with you, about the greedy banks.
    I run a small business, cant get a loan, have no callatrell.
    How can Barclays top management justify bonuses after their performance, using our Money.
    Look forward to your answer.

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