The American connection

21 December, 2008

There must be a special place in political geek heaven for the British followers of Minnesota’s Senate race between Al Franken and Norm Coleman and as Hopi and AULC will be well aware the joy is not yet over although there are justifiable reasons for Franken supporters to be hopeful. You can even see the disputed ballots here. But what of Minnesota’s other Senator Amy Klobuchar? Well according to her facebook supporters page  her favourite quote is the following:

Before President Franklin D. Roosevelt died, he said that he didn’t want a state funeral because it would be a distraction from the fact that we were a nation at war. So they took him by train from Warm Springs, Georgia to Washington, D.C., where he lay in state at the White House, and then they took him to Hyde Park in New York, where he was buried. Along the way, thousands of people lined the tracks. A reporter went up to a mourner who was weeping with his hat in his hands and said, ‘Why are you here? Did you know Franklin Roosevelt?’ The mourner replied, ‘No, I didn’t know President Roosevelt, but he knew me.’

There can’t be many politician’s of more recent years that can connect like that.


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