Part time Conservatives full time wallet fillers

23 December, 2008

According to Conservativehome David Cameron has given the all clear for Shadow Cabinet members to be even greedier bastards than people thought they were. Not content with a pay package more than 4 times to average workers’ the Conservative front bench has decided to continue as a bunch of part timers because wanting to run the country is a doddle.

Shadow BERR secretary Alan Duncan is quoted as saying ““Better to be part-time wise than full-time ignorant.”  though full time ignorant with extra loadsa money is more realistic.

I’m not against senior MP’s who want to run the country getting jobs to gain experience of the world outside westminster but any money they earn should be donated to charity in their constituencies rather than ending up in their bank accounts. Then we would see how much they are really interested in gaining new experiences and how much they want to line their pockets.

UPDATE: Tom Watson also has the story


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