Queen Caroline Kennedy?

23 December, 2008

I remain to be convinced about NY state governor David Paterson appointing the only surviving child of the late President John F Kennedy to the US senate, like some others here, here, here, here, and here. You would have thought someone who has spent a life avoiding the media spotlight would be less than keen to run state wide in both 2010 and 2012 the races would cost about $40m to run each. Not to mention the absence of a politcal track record.

Gov. Paterson also has to consider whether she can raise the cash necessary: likely and whether she would overshadow his own election bid in 2010: also likely. Still the chances of the Kennedy dynasty continuing for at least another generation remain strong but lets not kid ourselves that she is there on merit.

Tony Benn has a well-worn line that we wouldn’t trust the airline captain who announced over the public address system, ‘I’m not, in fact, a trained pilot – but don’t worry, my dad was.’ and he should know about heredity He is the grandson twice over of MP’s, the son of a cabinet minister, he himself has produced a cabinet minister Hilary Benn and his granddaughter Emily Benn is standing for Labour in East Worthing and Shoreham. If she is elected she’ll be the youngest MP since 1832 which is possibly one of the few times in history when a member of the Benn family hasn’t been in Parliament

UPDATE: Rupa Huq has found a kid that makes Emily Benn look like a doddery pensioner


One Response to “Queen Caroline Kennedy?”

  1. Chris Paul said

    If the airline pilot announced that they WERE a trained airline pilot it then wouldn’t matter what DNA they possessed. The nurture takes over. But what makes you think JK isn’t as prepared for senatorial office as say HC or for that matter very many others. Unlike for flying a jumbo there IS NO TICKET that needs to be earned. Which is good?? Isn’t it?

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