Titter ye not

23 December, 2008

I’ve pinched this from the good people over at Politicalbetting as I found it rather amusing. Derek will not be pleased.

Gordon Brown says the UK should dig for victory as the recession bites.

Gordon Brown has devised a new message of hope for hard pressed working families by purchasing 1000 Rotovators from Zimbabwe for families to cultivate allotments in their back gardens. Gordon Brown has also offered to allow free access on a means tested basis to Horse shit from Horse Guards Parade to fertilise this new eco-based economy.

He wishes to usher in a new era of self reliance where families invite friends and neighbours round for home grown boiled brussel sprouts washed down with parsnip and gooseberry wine! A Labour spokesman said that this new policy was intended to reduce the carbon footprint of families whilst providing cheaper food for hard pressed working families.

The Liberal Democrats have said that Labour has “pinched” the horse shit policy from them and they thought of it first! Nick Clegg has said he will not take any lessons from Labour on ‘shit’ policy and the Liberal democrats are out in front in fermenting and delivering policies of substance.


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