Private sector protection for people not profit

30 December, 2008

I stumbled across this thread on There are some interesting facts in there. Private tenants are highly disposed to vote Labour but they are also the people least likely to vote, although were is the data on social tenants? Anyway the point is there are a serious number of voters who are inclined if we can get them to the polls to vote for us. Our failure and we should definatly admit it as a failure is that the government hasn’t produced an initiative which private sector tenants can say the Labour Government is on my side. The deposit protection scheme is all well and good but it is no rent control or tenancy time guarantee.

House prices may be falling at the moment but there are still many people who can’t get on the housing ladder and many people who fall off. In the most expensive parts of the country this can mean house sharing not for a couple of years when your young but for decades. All the while the reproductively incontinent get a whopping council house provided gratis. Are we surprised to find out subsequently that these people are not springing up with joy in their hearts when it comes to voting. Most of them will also be working in the private sector where pension provision is bad at best and non existant at worse. We can see government action can clearly help attack these injustice’s. If we want to win the next election we’d better get on with it.


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