Kennedy’s self-combustion?

31 December, 2008

“Y’know I think y’know things might not be going y’know to well but at least i’m not going to say y’know whether i’ve got a criminal conviction or my financial interests because y’know don’t y’know who I am”

Experience isn’t everything in politics. Just ask Barack Obama four years ago he was a state senator, now he’s President-elect of the most focused and effective transition for many years or Tony Blair, before he became Prime Minister, he was Labour party leader for 3 years but in terms of running anything of a governmental nature there were a lot of parish councillors who could feel a greater sense of entitlement to the Premiership.

The trouble is once you get past a certain level having no experience can mean, if you get things wrong, a spectacular self combustion. Just ask Sarah Palin if she’s not to busy reading all the papers.


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