So how liberal is the guardian?

1 January, 2009

Today we are treated to the extraordinary news that a Guardian journalist doesn’t like their ex partner. I guess on a slow news day in an era when the dead tree media is facing budget cut after cut writing about who you’ve been shagging seems like a good idea. Tanya Gold’s main beef seems to be that her ex partner was a swinger and she wasn’t. Surely if she had been a bit more circumspect in ascertaining whether her new date did an expert impression of the village bike then we would be spared this mascarading as newscommentary (Yes that is a real word just because I say so). Perhaps a feature on swinging detailing the ups and downs of said activity would be in order rather than an extract for the diary of  Tanya Gold aged 27 and three quarters. Just a thought.

Personally I have enough difficulty getting one person to sleep with me rather than worrying about providing in pants entertainment to half the local populace but I wouldn’t want those that do step up to the challange to be labeled as insane. Human sexuality like humans come in all shapes and sizes and as long as it’s all between consenting adults then people should be left to get on with it or not as the fancy takes them. Surely that is Liberal Values 101 and if you can’t rely on the Guardian to defend liberal values then what is the world coming to?


One Response to “So how liberal is the guardian?”

  1. rupahuq said

    If I recall correctly the same journo did a magazine piece called “all the blokes I’ve ever shagged before” where she followed up what’d become of them all these years later…

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