Pick a policy any policy

13 January, 2009

Now the Lib Dems have a, ahem, flexible attitude to policy that is well known but it seems this flexibility is being extended to breaking point on tuition fees. Bristol West Labour Party have been tracking the positions of their local Lib Dem MP Stephen Williams who incidently is the Lib Dem Shadow for Innovation, Universities and Skills and the Lib Dems federal policy committee which is a bit like the soviet politburo political committee without the AK-47’s. Anyway here is the email I got earlier  

The FPC (Lib Dem policy body) has voted to continue opposing tuition fees- in contrast to Stephen Williams and their front bench who are actively campaigning for them

As the article from a Lib Dem MEP states the fiscally conservative faction in the Lib Dems (to which Mr. Williams belongs) may still propose the measure from the conference floor.http://antonyhook.wordpress.com/2009/01/07/exclusive-lib-dems-fpc-vote-to-keep-scrap-tuition-fees-policy/

The problem is Mr. Williams has been CAMPAIGNING FOR tuition fees having promised to campaign against them.

Now that the FPC has made this decision we call on Stephen Williams MP to publicly state whether he will continue to campaign for tuition fees or abandon his campaign and return to his original promise.

More positions than the Karma Sutra….


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