Dispatches from the Socialist Republic of Canterbury

15 January, 2009

Calling someone an intellectual masturbator in the blogsphere is a bit like going up to a bouncer on a night out and saying “Oi big ears, I’ve been having your Mum I have.” except without the eye gouging. Dave Semple of Though Cowards Flinchblog and campaign co-ordinator of Canterbury CLP has been having a barney with Tom Miller although Tom has been far to kind in return “I just think that it would be nice if you didn’t diss me without knowing the facts, and I also think that we should be able to at least be fucking nice to each other. Please.”

In Mr Semple’s latest post he states “I’ll finally get a chance to reply to some of those who took me up on my criticism of Cruddas.”  I’m looking forward to it already but before I get accused of intellectually masturbating I should point out that the pages of my copy of A la recherche du temps perdu only stick together due to a freak accident involving superglue, superglue I tell you….

Fight, Fight, Fight.


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