While I’ve been gone ….

28 January, 2009

I popped to the Progressive London conference which cunningly invited all the possible rivals to Ken for the Labour nomination for the  London Mayoralty in 2012 to the big massive Ken fest. The wiley old fox. There were also plenty of people from other parties which is a very smart thing to do given the voting system for London Mayor.

There was a seminar on blogging which I went to which reinforced in my mind the importance of news rather than comment. So armed with a trusty copy of Your Right To Know I have fired off a couple of FOI requests to Boris. I’m sure it will help the blond mop to know someone is looking over his shoulder. Anyway we shall have to wait for the results as the 2000 FOI act gives the public body plenty of time to answer.

In other news

This pdf is about as good a summery of the mid term playing field from a democratic perspective as your going to get.


One Response to “While I’ve been gone ….”

  1. AdamB said

    I’m glad that you enjoyed the session. Your Hillingdon FOI story is now in The Guardian and Liberal Conspiracy now.

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