Meet Boris for £17,000 a go and pay his taxi home.

5 February, 2009

As Mayor of London your obliged by the law to conduct a People’s Question Time twice annually. Boris pledged to do more of them in his campaign but when in power changed the rules so the extras are now question time lite and he doesn’t have to invite opposition assembly members to them. After all they would just be a pesky nuisance to the Boris road show.

Anyway I thought I should question this when he held his latest meeting this time about the development of the third runway. Notice that instead of an open forum where you can question him about the more insane of his policies like an airport in the middle of bird strike central he gets to choose the parameters of debate.

So I sent a Freedom of Information request in using the ideal website for the purpose which you can see here along with the response. It turns out his roadshow is costing 17K a pop. I know this is about 3 Telegraph columns to Boris but it’s serious money to ordinary people. Now I don’t want to fall in the Taxpayer Alliance trap of all public expenditure bad but what’s so wrong about Boris getting on a box in speakers corner every Friday for an hour. Lets make him really accessible to the public and at a price that’s right. It’d be a national institution.

Furthermore having Zac Goldsmith on the platform as a Tory PPC at a meeting which is directly relevant to the Richmond Park constituency in which he is standing is bang out of order especially as they didn’t invite Susan Kramer his opponent who is also interested in this issue and is the Lib Dem lead on it. Still they all got a taxi home although it says all you need to know what Boris thinks of London transport when he spends £1000 on taxi’s for one meeting.

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2 Responses to “Meet Boris for £17,000 a go and pay his taxi home.”

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  2. […] 9 February, 2009 If memory serves me correctly the above title is/was the slogan of the Swedish Social Democrats but I’m co-opting it after I (yes little’ol me) have got Boris into a bit of a tizzy. As you can see here and here. Thanks Dave and Adam.That’s the Proud bit. […]

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