Proud but not satisfied

9 February, 2009

If memory serves me correctly the above title is/was the slogan of the Swedish Social Democrats but I’m co-opting it after I (yes little’ol me) have got Boris into a bit of a tizzy. As you can see here and here. Thanks Dave and Adam.That’s the Proud bit.

As for the not satisfied: I got Boris to give a grovelling defence of his actions which was down to your friend and mine the Freedom of Information Act 2000. It’s a vital tool in holding government to account and is open for anyone to use. Yes this means YOU too. So after you’ve spent oooou I don’t know a good ten minutes reading up about freedom of information find this website and start asking awkward questions.

I don’t view this as a party political point. This is about the relationship between the Government and those that it governs. I may ask Boris awkward questions but if there are Tories out there who want to ask awkward questions of Labour politicians or people of no party who are interested in their local health service or library or whatever I would say get to it.

The more people with power are thinking those without it are looking over their shoulder the better they will excercise that power. That would be better for everyone. So start asking NOW!

Also on Twitter as Tweet4Labour


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