Tory logo fun

13 March, 2009

Jacob Rees-Mogg we salute you and your innovative campaigns


No inequality is to much for this lot


The fate of the nation? ….wait why am I putting a question mark


Accurate, succinct.


The Alan Clark tribute post


and destined for the A-list

Thanks to Blackburn Labour for finding this Tory banner widget. Why not have a go yourself?


4 Responses to “Tory logo fun”

  1. The fun may be over (it got pulled) but your Alan Clark effort did rather well in our Tory logo Top 10 countdown

  2. […] the traffic the site received was from those who were after slightly more devious slogans, such as Will Parbury’s excellent effort (shown above) which won first prize in Blackburn CLP’s Tory slogan […]

  3. rupahuq said

    “Too” has two O’s if you know what I mean (in that context)

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