Champers for Conference Campers?

7 October, 2009

Poor Chairman Pickles it would be enough to give him heart trouble. First he outlines his conference master plan; the Conservative Party of Thatcher, Heath, Lord Home, Eden and Macmillan and Churchill is going to do humble. Yes that’s right humble.

So the edict has gone out No champagne for Tory conference

But someone should have told the party leader

The Daily Mirror has the money shot

This made my think that what is put out for public consumption by Team Tory is not what goes on behind closed doors. Cast your mind back to Cameron’s holiday when he was pictured with the bucket and spade in good old blighty before as Rupa notes he went on his “real holiday” abroad aboard a lavish £21k a week yacht.

Or the PR triumph of Samantha Cameron’s £36 shoes. Lets face it the percentage of women in the UK who’ve spent more than£36 pounds on a pair of shoes at some point in their lives must be approaching 100% and Mrs Cameron I would put good money on the fact that she has a pair worth £37 or more tucked away somewhere. The genius is getting the fact that she has a pair of cheap shoes as the big fact in the media. Still even the Mail could work out they are being spun PR bullshit and decided to exact their revenge.

Still the PR genius award for this Tory conference shouldn’t go to the Camerons but instead to George Osborne the shadow chancellor for his speech which is setting the terms of debate about the economy.Unfortunately his is completely wrong. Not a little bit wrong but WRONG to such a degree he is playing fast and loose with the British economy. Why?

Put simply he risks a double dip recession. This is where we return to some growth but Tory public spending cuts destroy demand and confidence in the economy which then goes into recession for a second time. But I can hear the tory readers of this blog scream “What about public debt!” Indeed it is important but immediate public spending cuts from day one of a tory government aren’t the best way to solve the problem. This is because the deficit isn’t just caused by to much expenditure by government but also has to do with the fall in tax recipts not just from the city but also the wider economy.

Consequently we can expose Osborne’s PR but unfortunately not economic savvy. While he dominates the headlines about the debt he misses entirely the need for a strategy for growth in the UK economy. He also makes his solution sound much better than it will turn out to be. He outlined about £7bn of cuts but the structural deficit is £90-140bn depending on how you define it and then has to gall to say his is the honest one.

Clearly at some stage there will have to be cuts in public expenditure but we should use public spending to support demand in the economy for another say 18 months – 2 years help the economy grow and use increased tax recipts to soften the blow to public services and perhaps and I know this is modern political herasay: increase some taxes and or increase measures to target tax evasion/avoidence by the superrich.

Isn’t that a better solution than a pay freeze for graduate teachers (becuase the less we pay them the better the’re just educating the next generation or not as the case may be) to pay for a tax cut for dead millionaires?

Just a thought like.


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