Watching Nurses for Reform watching the Orange Bookers

1 June, 2010

My favourite right-wing pressure group has been blogging again. Nurses for Reform the strangely named libertarian pressure group. OK I admit “Nurses for Reform” is probably a more catchy title than “Right-wing loonies who want to abolish the NHS and import the massively flawed US healthcare system” although I think my version is more accurate. Still we shouldn’t prejudge, let’s listen to what they have to  got to say. This gem is on the silver lining for right-wingers of the new coalition:

For the Orange Bookers are often not only more socially liberal than the most libertarian of Tories but they are more free-market than many Thatcherites.

Well I don’t agree with Nick but for the sake of the leftie voters he conned in voting for a supposedly left-wing party he might have mentioned that the Lib Dems were to the right of the Tories BEFORE the election. But what I want to know is what do you have to do to be “more free-market than many Thatcherites”? Build a bunker in the woods and take potshots with your pump-action at anyone from “THE EVIL GOVERNMENT”?

Still there’s more:

While the NHS will suffer some cuts over the course of this parliament

Now that wasn’t what the then shadow secretary of state promised before the election. That was real terms growth every year. Now the NHS needs 3% per year to keep up with demand and new technology and drugs so if they end up cutting there will be very stark effects. Yes there should be cuts in administrators  but even only just keeping up with inflation in the rest of the economy means tightening the NHS belt. If the Tories cut more than they say they will then it will mean real pain.

So what is the Nurses For Reform solution? A decent taxpayer funded system for all? I  think judging by the following answer that would be a no:

NFR believes that more complimentary private funding schemes could well come on to the radar screen of both the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems over the next five to ten years.

So there you have it. All of the PR spin about the Tories loving the NHS before the election can’t hide the fact that on the right of British politics there are plenty of people who think the NHS should be downgraded to threadbare safety net as fast as they can shout “BUPA!”


One Response to “Watching Nurses for Reform watching the Orange Bookers”

  1. Yes, I’ve just had the misfortune of stumbling upon this organisation. It’s an utter disgrace that a nurse is peddling this sort of nonsense! As a nurse myself, I think it’s about time that we stood up to groups like this, showed how proud we are of the NHS and actually what good work it does. I’m happy to see comment from someone with a great deal of commonsense. Thanks Will. There is a distinct lack of compassion, science, commonsense and consideration of the ‘bigger picture’ within Nurses for Reform. With very best wishes, Lindsay.

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