Good Morning Mr Hitler

7 November, 2009

Griffin exposed by a 13 year old school boy on a school history trip to war memorial in Belgium.

If you want to send more 13 year olds to visit war memorials click here.

If you want to send Nick Griffin to peddle his hate on the sacrifices of dead soldiers you’re a twat.

If you’re offended by that you need to read this article on offence and then fuck off.


I’m sure you could think of a few but I don’t mean that kind of name but rather his plans for a future Conservative government. In particular we learnt recently that the Conservatives want to rename the Department of Health as the Department of Public Health.

Now you may think that a rose by any other name would smell as sweet but let me explain why this is not the case. Firstly the Conservatives want to improve efficiency within the health budget and reduce administration costs to concentrate funds on frontline services. Brilliant, I think motherhood and apple pie are great as well. So why on earth do they want to change the departments name? What a complete waste of time and money. Not only will administrative focus shift from increasing productivity to “do you reckon we can fill public into that sign with a biro” meetings, memoranda and other assorted time wasting exercises. It will also cost million upon millions that could be spent on patient care. In other words the entire escapade will bring home the result pointless  waste of time 1 improvement in patient care 0.

That however is a charitable interpretation. Perhaps we should consider that Cameron actually wants to create a department of public health and he sees the provision of personal healthcare as a private rather than government responsibility. Changing the name at the start of a Conservative administration could be a softening up excercise for what they want to do further down the line. The Tory Euro MP who said that “the NHS was a sixty year mistake” may have missed out the first bit “The election of a Conservative government for”.