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Is a pro Labour blog. socially liberal, economically centrist, generally pro free trade but not without caveat.

Will Parbury

is contactable through Facebook where he has a fuller profile viewable by his friends. There are only two Will Parbury’s on there. I’m not the one in Australia. Alternatively if you haven’t joined in the fun on Facebook send an email to willparbury squiggly at sign hotmail dot com. At 25 he was the Labour Party’s youngest candidate in the North West of England at the 2005 General Election. He stood in Fylde where is gained 11,828 votes unfortunately the Tory candidate as in every Fylde election in the last hundred years got substantially more.


If you would like to reproduce content from Parburypolitica on your blog / magazine / journal ect. That will generally be fine but you need to get my permission first, send an email and a cheque if you’re for profit. Non profit lefties get Parburypolitica gratis. You must include a link back to Parburypolitica.


Is that a tidal wave of people wanting to send in well argued pieces between 400 and 1000 words max I see before me? If so get in touch. Contributions should be relevant to the house style.


Comments are moderated. Disagreeing with me is fine. You can be wrong if you want to, just keep it clean. There are plenty of slagsheets on the net where you can post anonymously this is not one of them though.


Want a link? Feel free to ask.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Can I ask about where the photo on the banner is taken? It looks familiar.

  2. parburypolitica said

    Hi Mick,
    It’s the middle of Birchfields park in Manchester


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